10 Greatest And Expensive NBA Players Of 2022

By NBABite Staff   2023-03-23  
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Every season of basketball comes with full swing and hype. Different talented players participate in the season and compete with the other players with full energy. However, carrying on with the evolving roster of talented players is difficult. Among these, only one thing remains consistent, i.e., the top NBA players who gain heavy salaries for their skills.

The salaries of the NBA players are sky-touching and are much higher. The players generated not only heavy earnings but also made successful basketball careers. These players have a good name in the National Basketball Association, i.e. NBA, and have won several awards. 

In this article, a compiled list of the top 10 most expensive NBA players in 2022 is drawn. The players listed have managed to break records with their amazing earnings. So, take a plunge and prepare to be blown away by their hefty earnings. 

10 Most Expensive NBA Players Of 2022

Following are the top 10 most expensive NBA players of the year 2022. The name of the players are as follow:-

Russell Westbrook

The famous professional American basketball player Russell competes for the Los Angeles Clippers team of the NBA, i.e., the National Basketball Association. In 2017, he won the award of the Most Valuable Player. Also, he had 9 titles of NBA all-star in his name. Their salary of Russell is around $47.1 million.

LeBron James

As of 2019, LeBron was the most expensive NBA player, followed by Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook. But at present, their salary of LeBron is around $44.5 million and is preceded by Russell. He takes part in the NBA from the Los Angeles Lakers team. The full name of LeBron is LeBron Raymone James Sr., and he is considered one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history. LeBron is also known by the nickname King James.  

Kevin Durant

Their salary of Kevin is around $43 million. He is one of the best NBA players and has won 2 NBA championships. Additionally, he is a 9-time all-star and winner of two Finals MVP awards. Kevin plays for the team Phoenix Suns of the NBA.

Stephen Curry

He is among the most valuable and expensive players in the NBA and owes a salary of around $48.1 million. Stephen competes in the favor of the Golden State Warriors and is the most popular player in the league. Consecutively, he also got the name MVP of the NBA in 2015 and 2016. 

Anthony Davis

Anthony is a professional American basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers team. He is a 6-time NBA all-star and has been also named to 4 all-NBA first teams and 3 all-defensive teams. Additionally, he had been also a member of the USA Olympic team and is the gold winner of the 2012 summer Olympics. Their salary of Anthony is around $38 million.

Damian Lillard

Damian, one of the NBA superstars, challenges the team, the Portland Trail Blazers of NBA. He is a 2 times all-star and is known as the NBA's best point guard. Also, in 2013, he got the Rookie of the Year award and is best known for his clutch shooting. His estimated salary of Damian is near about $42.5 million.

Kyrie Irving

In 2011, Kyrie was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and since then, he has achieved immense success. He got the Rookie of the Year award and emerged as one of the best players on the team. His salary of Kyrie is around $36.5 million. Kyrie plays for the Dallas Mavericks. Also, he is a 5 times all-star, and in 2016, he got the MVP of the all-star game. 

Jimmy Butler

The professional American player Jimmy Butler plays for the Miami Heat. In 2015, he became an NBA All-star. Jimmy's name has been named thrice to the All-NBA team. Also, he is a 4-time NBA All-star. He also won 2 gold medals, one at 2014's FIBA World Cup and another at 2016's Summer Olympics. As of 2022, his salary was around $37 million. 

Joel Embiid

He is an NBA player for the Philadelphia 76ers. In 2018 and 2019, he was named NBA All-star, and in the same year, 2019, he was named to All-NBA's first team. Joel is one of the most popular players in the league, whose salary is around $33 million. Besides this, he also won the award of NBA Defensive Player 2 times in the series. 

Ben Simmons

The NBA player Ben plays for the Brooklyn Nets. Ben's salary is around $35 million. Ben was drafted into the NBA in the year 2016, and before that, he played one season of college basketball for LSU, i.e., Louisiana State University. In 2017, the following year, he was also named to the NBA All-Rookie first team. 

Total Earnings And Salaries Of The Top 10 Basketball Players (2022-23) 

Player Name



Total Earnings

Russell Westbrook

$47.1 million

Los Angeles Clippers

$72.1 million

LeBron James

$44.5 million

Los Angeles lakers

$119.5 million

Kevin Durant

$43 million

Phoenix Suns

$91 million

Stephen Curry

$48.1 million

Golden State Warriors

$93.1 million

Anthony Davis

$38 million

Los Angeles Lakers

$47 million

Damian Lillard

$42.5 million

Portland Trail Blazers

$59.5 million

Kyrie Irving

$36.5 million

Dallas Mavericks

$47.5 million

Jimmy Butler

$37 million

Miami Heat

$60 million

Joel Embiid

$33 million

Philadelphia 76ers

$40 million

Ben Simmons

$35 million

Brooklyn Nets

$32.8 million

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